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kbnelson’s Reason 2 Rhyme Poetry Prompt – “Postcard Poem” August 6, 2012

Write a poem in the disguise of a postcard message. Continue by writing a reply postcard message.

Postcards from the Heart

Still in town.
I needed time to think.
Dropped this down
The chute. Had me a drink.

I need space.
I never did intend
To embrace
A love that would extend

As far as we have gone.
I need this time alone.

As close as PO Box 1378

Take it. I
Completely understand.
How and why
Are questions that command

Time and thought
Without the two, we could
Come to naught
And with the two we should

Gracefully comprehend
The next step or the end.

You know where I am.

Randy Mazie

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